Free Nutritious Meals for Underprivileged Children

No child should go to bed hungry

 Come forward and extend your whole hearted support 

Vision is to ensure that there is no child on earth who goes to bed without one meal a day at least.

No Hungry Child Journey

Started with just 250 children in 2009
Without any Government grant 

Feeding more than 21,000 underprivileged children
Recognised by the Government of India for our outstanding services to society
Nutritious food hygienically served on location, every single day
Only with private fundraising only with your help



We need your Support 

Contribute to one of India's leading Charities to help our pioneering & pain-staking endeavour to ensure that no poor or under privileged child goes hungry in India.They are our future and yours.

Pioneering No Hungry Child Free Food Program is focused towards distributing hot, nutritious and fresh food to poor, needy & hungry children across pockets of poverty in India. We have a daily nutritious meal coverage of more than 20,000 hungry & underprivileged children and our daily food distribution regimen is smooth, efficient and dependable - 365 Days a year.

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No Hungry Child